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BASIC 'Fashion Zeitgeist of 2020' ART Cover || CODE Issue 13


SIZE: 152 Pages of Fashion, Art & Photography Goodness. The CODE Issue.

The issue is released in 2 covers: ALISON BRIE and ANNA MARIA OLBRYCHT

#BasicCoverStory starring ALISON BRIE photographed by Christian Högstedt, Code Art Cover photographed by Viktorija Pashuta

#BasicFashion Photography & Editorial Spreads: Quiet Storm by Viktorija Pashuta, Urban Nomad by JUSTIN DINGWALL, The Dress Code by Viktorija Pashuta, Dinner for Three by Thomas Louvagny, Color Code by Joseph Chen, Sea Thief by UKMARACAIBO, Wild Dreams by Thale Blanc, Spindrift by Mike Ruiz, Raaw Intentions by Jorge Duva, The Heart of an Angel by BENHEART

#BasicBeauty Kiss Me if You Dare by Ava Pivot, My Roots by Sergei Kim

#BasicLookBooks Nino Sepo, Abel Honor

#BasicArtist Edible Sneackers by Ro

#BasicStills Food Misunderstood by Ilka & Franz

#BasicCharacters interview features: Carnage by SEQUOIA EMMANUELLE, WENGIE by Vijat Mohindra

#BasicMens Sunny Delight by Dylan Perlot

#BasicMusic AGNEZ MO by Nina Hawkins,

#BasicFashionIllustrations CMYK Chic by Natalia Kopcha, Featherly Love by Zhenya Zhuravleva and Ilia-Sabyl Sdralli

#BasicHero Emily Batty by Dalia MacPhee

#BasicProject The Salon by Jasmine de Silva

*** Based in Beverly Hills, California BASIC Magazine™ is a first-class visual and editorial publication that features carefully curated content with a strong independent voice, named ‘very clever and progressive fashion magazine’. Published quarterly, its pages are inspired by a blend of heroic artists, visual masterpieces and themes of strength that set the tone for each stylistic issue. It is a contemporary, elegant and inviting world that men and women can both relate to and aspire to be.