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COVER: Josh Mario John

SIZE: 172 Pages of Fashion, Art & Photography Goodness

BASIC Magazine is a print fashion publication that is independently published 4 times a year in Beverly Hills, distributing throughout fashion capitals all over the world. BASIC blends the borders between fashion, art, film, photography, entertainment and edgy journalism.

#BasicFashion From Basic Designers Spring 2016 LookBook Previews to Top 8 Season Accessories and The Hottest Item of the Season In Fashion Illustrations

#BasicPhoto Creative viral photo projects WHAT IF CARS WERE SUPERMODELS, The Greatest Love Stories and THE CURVES

# BasicInterviews Exclusive interviews with Danielle Panabaker from The Flash TV Show, Bai Ling, Haley Ramm, Victoria Grant, Eugenio Recuenco

# Basic Experiment 9 People 10 Days International Creative Professionals Snap A Photo at 3PM Every Day For Ten Days

#BasicArt Troy Brooks. Artist Spotlight on Female Characters in Pop Surrealism. Top 3 creatives in the Art World Maxi Moreira (London) Annie Terrazzo (L.A) Giulio Rossi (Italy)

#BackToTheBasics - Influencers and Young and Hot Models as Influential Faces in Fashion